CPL Syllabus

ATPL Syllabus

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      Composite Paper ? It is a a combined paper for Navigation and Meteorology used for Licence conversion. Who is it meant for ? If you have a Pilot licence issued by another ICAO contracting state and you want to convert it to Indian DGCA licence then ...
    • Five Steps to Crack Pilot Exams Faster

      Five Steps to Crack Pilot exams Why Faster ? The simple reason is ‘Later’ eats on both mind and money. If you are aspiring for a CPL and want to clear your exams before your start your flying , the later you clear your exams you are only delaying the ...
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      Becoming a Pilot in India Many dream of becoming a pilot. So here is the way forward. It is a requirement based process. Think about getting a driving license. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled like you should first get a learners ...